Ladakh Trek and Tours (LTT) is an authorized Tour and Travel company based in Ladakh, India. We are registered under the societies registration Act of Department of Tourism, Jammu and Kashmir State, Government of India.

The vision of the company is to serve our clients to experience the culture, traditional and living style of Himalayan peoples, especially in Ladakh and North Eastern region of India.

LTT usually offers low price and high quality service tour package for many parts of India and particularly for Ladakh and Northern India. The aims of LTT are to protect the natural environment through various conservation efforts. LTT often organizes river rafting, cultural tour, retreat tour, Meditation tour, Spiritual tour, trekking in Himalaya, conferences on Buddhism, and so forth.

MOTTO of LTT: – Customer is our life and blood of our Business.

KALACHAKRA RETREAT TOUR 2017: – This time LTT is coming up with a compact yet very special tour package for Kalachakra initiation 2017 by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama at Bodhgaya, India. This is a 13 days complete special spiritual tour package which includes pick and drop on your arrival and departure to/ from India, Hotel accommodations, travel to/from Bodhgaya, arrangement of introduction about the Kalachakra under the supreme guidance of Geshe la and Buddhist Scholar an expert on Buddhism and translator of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, group discussion about Buddhism and Kalachakra before proceeding to teach. After Kalachakra initiation, there will also a discussion about your understanding of daily teaching and many more activities to share with.

Just after Kalachakra, We will take you to the pilgrimage (Kalachakra extends Pilgrimage tour) at Lumbini (Birth Place of the Buddha), Sarnath (Place of Buddha first teaching), Kushinagar (Place of Buddha Mahaparinibbana), Bodhgaya (Place of Buddha Enlightment) Rajgir and many other interesting places.

Therefore, we are requesting every interested person registered yourself at the earliest. Be a part of this historic spiritual tour. We will make your life with us a memorable and meaningful. We will serve as the best of resources and ability. We guarantee you that you have chosen the right service!. We are looking forward to hear soon from you.

Thank you. 

Team Ladakh Trek and Tours


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