2018 Bodh Gaya Teachings Registration

Announcement for 2018 Bodh Gaya Teachings Registration


  1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama will give teachings at Bodh Gaya from January 5 to 7 and 14 to 16, 2018. Details of the teachings are available at www.dalailama.com.
  2. All monks, nuns, foreigners and Indian devotees need to register to attend the teachings.
  3. You can visit http://www.dalailamateaching.com to register your details.
  4. The link to this website is also available at www.dalailama.com and www.tibet.net. After registration, kindly print the registration form to collect the Teaching Pass at Bodh Gaya. Along with the registration form you need to produce one of the following documents Passport / Aadhaar card / RC / Green Book.
  5. Those who have already registered during His Holiness teachings in Dharamsala and 2017 Kalachakra at Bodh Gaya need not register online. You can submit your old Teaching Pass at the registration counter to collect the new Teaching Pass.
  6. Online registration will be available from November 20, 2017 onwards
  7. Those people who are participating in Soulful tour mindfulness retreat during the Dalai Lama teaching at Bodhgaya, please send your detail to contact@soulfultours.com. Soulful tours is taking a responsibly of your registration.
  8. If you wish to join our retreat during Dalai Lama Teaching please check the below detail:                                                                                                                                                             Tour no 1: Mindfulness Retreat in Bodhgaya. (03rd JAN 2018 To 8TH JAN 2018).              A 06-day tour featuring Dalai Lama’s teachings, guided meditation and introduction to Tibetan Buddhism.

More detail: http://soulfultours.com/tour/retreat-tour-india-dalai-lama-teachings-bodhgaya/

Tour no 2: Mindfulness retreat tour to Bodhgaya. (11th JAN 2018 TO 20th  JAN 2018) 10-day tour featuring Dalai Lama’s teachings, introduction to Tibetan Buddhism and Pilgrimage to Buddha path.

More detail: http://soulfultours.com/tour/retreat-tour-india-dalai-lama-teachings-bodhgaya/       For more information please write us at contact@soulfultours.com

Note: No registration is required for general Tibetan public.

Department of Security, CTA
If any query please contact: bsomcleod@tibet.net



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