Why is Kalachakra Important?


The Kalachakra system offers profound methods for transforming one’s impure perceptions and experiences, and unveiling our deepest reality. Within the context of Buddhist Tantra, there are many systems which provide methods for attaining enlightenment. The Kalachakra Tantra, however has a number of unique characteristics that make it particularly important for this time.

The Kalachakra Tantra is known as the “King of Tantras” due to its expansive and comprehensive presentation. Within a single system you can find detailed instructions for understanding a wide variety of scientific knowledge, such as cosmology, astrology, medicine, psychology and philosophy. While its scope is all inclusive, it presents this information in a very clear and direct manner. This is in stark contrast to other esoteric systems which are couched in hidden symbolic language.

Powerful Yogic Methods

But Kalachakra is not merely a body of theoretical knowledge. It also presents a complete selection of yogic practices designed to cut through delusion and to establish direct insight into the nature of reality. These extremely effective and powerful methods allow even non-academic practitioners to develop the most profound of realization within the span of a single lifetime.

Genuine Global Harmony

The Kalachakra Tantra was first given to Suchandra the Great Dharma King of Shambhala. Eight generations later, King Manjushri-Yashas united his kingdom by bestowing the Kalachakra initiation to all of his subjects. Through this massive shared experience, Yashas created a single Vajra family and became known as the First Kalki or “Holder of the Lineage”. Since this time, the Kalachakra Tantra has been closely connected to cultivating different levels of peace and harmony in the mainstream of practitioners. For some this will mean achieving the state of Kalachakra enlightenment. For others, it will mean being born in the pure land of Shambhala. At the very least, it will mean creating the conditions to be born during the second golden age of the Dharma in this world.


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